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To Your Health Newsletter

February, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 04)
Could Your Chronic Low Back Pain Lead to a Stroke?

Think you can just fight your way through back pain, even when it becomes chronic? After all, if you can put up with the pain, what else can go wrong? How about a stroke?

Stand Up for Good Health

Perfect Your Posture and Improve Your Health

Start Them Off Right

The Adult Consequences of Childhood Heart Health Risks

Keep It Simple

Nutrition for Menopause: A Drug-Free Approach for All Phases

Sitting Is Silly

Move More: Avoiding the Health Dangers of Inactivity

Waist Makes the Difference

Obsessed with body-mass index and worry being above what's considered "normal" for your height / weight will increase your health risks? You may want to focus on another variable.

Second Thoughts About Aspirin

A comparison of research suggests the risks from taking a daily baby aspirin for heart health may outweigh the benefits in healthy people without cardiovascular risk factors.

How to Lower Your Child's IQ

Most articles, advice columns and research focus on how to raise your child's IQ, but research suggests pregnant women may be impacting their children's IQ in a negative fashion without even knowing it.

Your Brain Loves Cardio

That's the conclusion of several recent studies that suggest cardiovascular fitness leads to healthier, better functioning brains.

Processed Foods & Obesity

Is a single category of food the primary culprit in the obesity epidemic sweeping across the U.S. over the past few decades? Yes, say researchers.