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To Your Health Newsletter

November, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 23)
Two for One With Chiropractic

Can't shake that back pain? Plagued by headaches? Experiencing one may raise your likelihood of experiencing both. But there's good news: the potential reason why points to a single solution - chiropractic care.

Pain in the Neck

5 Causes of Neck Pain and How Chiropractic Can Help

Cheer Up the Natural Way

3 Ways to Help Fight the Winter Blues

Your Bones Deserve It

Exercise Now, Reduce Your Fracture Risk Later

Secrets to Lasting Wellness

What Your Spine Says About Your Health

Exercise Stalls Cancer Growth

And the immune system may be involved. Exercising slows both cancer growth and mortality (death) rates; but specific immune system cells negate the benefit of exercise if removed.

Influencing What Kids Eat

Online influencers appear to be just as bad as television commercials when it comes to promoting unhealthy food. New research reveals the challenge parents increasingly face.

The Problem With Daily Aspirin

Daily low-dose aspirin is increasingly recommended as a way to reduce heart attack and stroke risk, even in healthy people - but it comes with a major risk of its own: GI bleeding.

Diet Drinks Cause Heart Issues?

Think you can swap out your daily sugar-sweetened soft drinks with the diet variety and go on your merry, healthy way? Not so fast.

Supplements for Vertigo

We can talk about the symptoms and causes of vertigo, but let's focus on a potential solution: nutritional supplementation.