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To Your Health Newsletter

December, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 25)
Stay Close to Your Chiropractor

Researchers studying Medicare patients with spine conditions who relocated at least once during a five-year period made a fascinating discovery about their health care costs based on access to chiropractic care.

Wide Awake in the Electronic Age

Our Kids' Sleep Habits Are Suffering

Time to Relax

5 Reasons Meditation Should Be Your #1 New Year's Resolution

Back Pain Basics

Are You Suffering From the #1 Cause of Global Disability?

The Problem With Big Pharma

Conspiring to Get Us to Take More Medication

Keep Your Holidays Sane

With the right attention to stress-reducing strategies, you can avoid the madness (or at least mitigate its impact on your quality of life) and keep your holidays sane. Here are four ways to do it this holiday season.

How Much Vitamin D?

Are you getting too little vitamin D, too much ... or just the right amount? When it comes to the vitamin D conversation, the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) shouldn't be the stopping point; in fact, it's just the start.

The Perils of Evening Eating

Can't seem to stop yourself from nightly trips to the fridge and/or pantry? It's not just your waistline and sleep routine that you're putting at risk. Here's another reason why eating more nighttime calories is dangerous.

Infants and Antibiotics: Why It's a Bad Combination

Antibiotic use within the first six months of life may have a negative impact on neurodevelopment at age 11, suggests new research.

The Expert on Self-Care: Your Doctor of Chiropractic

A survey compared medical physicians' opinions on self-care with those of patients. Needless to say, patients want more than MDs are providing.