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To Your Health Newsletter

March, 2021 (Vol. 15, Issue 05)
Start Pain Relief Early With the Power of Chiropractic Care

Anyone can suffer spinal pain, making chiropractic vital regardless of age. In fact, research suggests that even for adolescents, teens and young adults, chiropractic is the right choice.

Take Time to Stretch

Why Stretching Is Important and How to Do It Right

Get Back in the Game

Chiropractic Care for Common Sports Injuries

Go Organic

How to Create an Environment That's Ripe for Good Health

Give Your Brain the Tools It Needs

Keys to Developing an Amazing Memory

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Exercise for Heart Health?

Over a five-year period, the people who engaged in the most vigorous-intensity exercise (top 25 percent) reduced their heart disease risk by 54-63 percent.

Treating UTIs: Is Your Medical Doctor Getting It Wrong?

At least 50 percent of women suffer at least one UTI in their lives, and almost that many may be being prescribed the wrong antibiotic or for too long a duration, according to new research.

Your Child's Diet Could Cause Lifelong GI Microbiome Issues

Your gut microbiome is vital to your overall health, but poor eating habits (particularly excess intake of fat and sugar) as a child may alter their microbiome for life.

Your Brain Loves the Mediterranean

The more closely you adhere to the Mediterranean diet, the better your cognitive skills in your senior years.

Want to Stay Mobile for Life? Even Light Activity Will Help

Seniors who participate in light physical activity reduce their risk of experiencing mobility disability.